Front page is finally completed

So.. I’ve finally got around to creating front page for this site, it looks pretty good, (well, at least I like it), the concept was to allow the showcasing of the latest project I’ve worked on. I know the usage of iframes is definitely frowned upon, however, with the number of tools such as the Webpage Archiver requiring relative links, it seemed the best way of approaching this without causing major issues with auxiliary webpages.

It’s my first time playing with Jquery, and I find it pretty fun and interesting. I definitely see myself toying with it more in the upcoming months.

On another note, the Webpage Archiver tool is now available for use for the public. I don’t have a description page for it yet, but it soon will.
Go try it out 🙂

Essentially it downloads and saves texts/images for archiving purposes.

Currently I am looking for methods to improve the content delivery time of files saved by the archiver.