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No longer maintained and disabled


Just wrote a RSS Tool for Reddit.

Currently, if you request an RSS from reddit, all the RSS links will point to the reddit comments. This is not ideal if the topic of the post is (for example) an image. There is no need in going through to the reddit comments first, and then clicking again to reach the image.

This tool will allow you to directly link to the aforementioned image directly from RSS.

To try it out, click here (hosted on this website).


I had a few considerations in mind, and as this idea spawned from mobile device usage, two things came to mind

  • Ease of Use
  • Bandwidth conservation

By eliminating the 2-step process of clicking to the comments first, and then clicking to the external link (ie: image on imgur), mobile device users are now enabled to browse posts quicker. This reduces the burden of clicking twice to get to the content.

With bandwidth conservation in mind, this also knocks out a hefty chunk of bandwidth consumption by removing the amount of data loaded by accessing the comments page. In addition to this, the tool will detect your user-agent and will attempt to truncate the content in the descriptions inside the posts in the RSS to minimize bandwidth as well.


Hope you enjoy.


This was a quick 3-day project that allowed me explore the fun behind pointers within a String.  This doesn’t use any SAX or XML parser as I wanted to test my abilities in coding this from scratch. Not sure how extensible this is though.

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