Cows VS Aliens Milk Points

Since I haven’t posted anything lately,
I have something random that interested me and that searches on GOOGLE has not helped.

Cows VS Aliens. Pretty fun game. 0.99$

You need moar Milk Points (MP)? No problem. Read on.

1. You need a jailbroken phone and some File Reader (ie: iFile)
2. Navigate inside your File Reader to /var/mobile/Applications/
3. Find and navigate to the Cows vs Aliens folder (it has inside it)
4. Navigate to
5. Open “achievements.lua” with a text viewer/editor
6. Edit any line that includes “Cows#.reward” to any reward number you want

ie: Cows1.reward = 999999999

Now, the next time you finish that achievement, you will now have as many Milk Points as you wrote down.*

*Note: This will not work if you have already completed the achievement you just edited.