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Buildforge CRRBF1253I Process for id [] [B] died unexpectedly.

I kept getting Completed — Failed — Died and
CRRBF1253I Build Forge: Process for id [] [B] died unexpectedly.

After checking out and there was still no solution in sight.

Finally I was able to solve the issue in my buildforge instance by disabling *sticky* in my inline libraries. I was also using .bset server and .bset buildserver. My theory is that some interaction between the sticky and the bset were conflicting.

Build Forge Agent Troubleshooting

Just in case some poor sap like me gets stuck with errors
connecting to Build Forge Agents:

320 AUTH AuthFail[*AuthUnknownUser,"username"]
CRRBF0158I: Unable to set user account to unknown account (builder)

Some fixes..

sudo cp /etc/pam.d/login /etc/pam.d/bfagent
sudo /usr/local/bin/bfagent -s

Zip with ANT on Windows command line

Short two liner for ANT zipping on Windows.


>build.xml echo ^<project^>^<zip destfile=^"^" basedir=^"toBeZipped^" /^>^</project^>

Because Windows doesn’t apparently have a zip command line.

Updated here for Windows without ANT.

Working with genrb and ICU4J

Wanting to use the messages in ICU4J, I was lead to believe one needed to run the command:

genrb root.txt

This produces root.res.
However using the following snippet results in the error message below:

UResourceBundle urb = UResourceBundle.getBundleInstance("Your package path","root");

>Data file yourPackagePath/root.res is corrupt - ICU data file error: Header authentication failed, please check if you have a valid ICU data file

Cookie cannot be resolved to a type

“Cookie cannot be resolved to a type”

I swear I’ve seen this error like 5 times in eclipse now, and I have yet to learn my lesson.
If this error originates from a jsp file, your project doesn’t have a valid target webserver (in my case – tomcat).

So just make sure it’s configured correctly.

Thought I’d just leave this here,
because almost all top searches in google were useless to me.


Cows VS Aliens Milk Points

Since I haven’t posted anything lately,
I have something random that interested me and that searches on GOOGLE has not helped.

Cows VS Aliens. Pretty fun game. 0.99$

You need moar Milk Points (MP)? No problem. Read on.


IPATO – (Information Processing Aptitude Test Online by IBM)

Interesting little aptitude test lasting about half an hour.
It’s main purpose is to get an idea of how fast your mind can handle things.
It included three main sections, matrix manipulation, numerical reasoning, and number series.

  • Matrix manipulation isn’t exactly matrix manipulation… it was more-so of a test of how fast you can follow their simple manipulation instructions.
  • Numerical Reasoning included standard testing questions. (Most questions easier than others). To prepare yourself for this section, go study for the GRE or something similar.
  • Finally number series. This is something either you get right away or you don’t. This is the one that has the highest time constraint, and people will either do very well on it (and finish with a few seconds left), or simply not finish at all.

You are timed. Which naturally adds pressure.

Prepare yourself with some empty matrix boxes for the matrices section.
Study numerical reasoning sections similar to the GRE.
Take it when you’re relaxed and ‘in the zone’.