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HTML5 Canvas – Pong

Hi again,

It’s been said that the classic game of Pong is the ‘hello world’ of game creation, and thus I wanted to try my hand at it. In line with my previous attempt at HTML5, this is also built on the canvas element in HTML5.

The AI is a bit shoddy, but hey, it’s a functional game. Interestingly enough, while I was on my lunch break at work, I couldn’t help but test out this game on my phone, which brought me to adding some touch-screen mobile support to it. I have tested it on a touchscreen IPhone and I’m delighted to say it works as expected.



You can click here to try the game out.

HTML5 Canvas

Hi all, been busy with work!

but I found some spare time to try out HTML5 for the first time and I ended up making the game Snake – the classic game from the nokia phones.

Play the game here.

GNU Crypto Usage Example in Java

So, how would one implement a cipher using the GNU Crypto algorithms?

First things first, get the jars at the very least.

Next, to ensure that your implementation of the Cipher in Java will work on all Java releases, ensure that you have the Base64Encoder file locally located within your project.

From here, a good modified working example can be found here: