Monthly Archives: September 2012

Website Maintenance (done)

With the change of my webhost, all my php scripts were moved up from 5.2 to a newer version.

Who knew PHP introduced a ton of changes that practically broke a large number of my apps.
Absolutely ridiculous, but nevertheless, an experience.

I would say all but One app is working just fine.
The app in question works 99% of the time fortunately.

Oh the woes of maintenance of program code.
Wouldn’t it be nice to write it once, and never having to look at it again?

Website Maintenance

Hi all.

This site may be unavailable in the next upcoming days due to a change in my web hosting company.

Project Euler – Problem 69

Problem 69: Find the value of n < 1,000,000 for which n/φ(n) is a maximum.

HTML5 – Bejeweled

Hi all.. haven’t been doing much as I’ve been spending my time looking for jobs.

Anyways, here’s yet another completed game – Bejeweled.. this one took almost 4 days and isn’t as awesome as the Popcap one.

The main point of this exercise was the add the ability to click a location on the canvas and have the corresponding (top) object fire an onclick method. The previous version of the engine it’s running on did not support this. As a by-product in doing adding this, this exercise was to dabble my hands in creating a robust solution to onclick() and object mapping. I do not think this was achieved as there is no propagation to parent classes.

You can play it here.

I tried to polish it up with the menu and the layout, but graphics unfortunately aren’t my strength.