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Technology Explorer

Hi all :),

yes, it still feels mandatory to greet an audience of nil.
So far, I am currently under Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects and working on the Technology Explorer for DB2.

But wait? What is this Technology Explorer anyways?

The Technology Explorer for IBM DB2 is a light weight, web based console for DB2 that helps you learn about DB2 using demonstrations and tutorials. The TE is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and customize to suit your needs.

Great piece of software, and I’m glad I was placed on this team.
It’s interesting how much one can learn from only a few days of peering into the┬ácode base.

Anyways, recently I have been working on the export functionality for the Ad Hoc SQL area of the Technology Explorer, which essentially turns results from the database into a format that the user wants.
At the moment, it supports html, xml, and csv.

If this chapter of work is done, I will be moving on with my life towards expanding the Technology Explorer to MySQL Db instead of┬ábeing only isolated to IBM’s DB2.

Links: Technology Explorer