Monthly Archives: June 2012

Reddit key-code distribution tool

I recently received an email from inquiring about a distribution method for steam keys for their then-upcoming giveaway. At the time, all I had was a key-captcha webpage here that utilized captchas to prevent key farming by bots.

After investigating what existed, I found python script – code here  – that had successfully distributed 50,000 keys. This script required you had python and additional imports installed.

I was then interested to see if I could write something that others could get started in 1-2 minutes. I ended up whipping up a prototype tool written in javascript/php here within a day of that email.

Getting back to cadenzainteractive, using my tool, they successfully delivered 4,000 steam keys on reddit:

Try it here

Notes:  The program uses the reddit API to reply back to unread messages from reddit users requesting a key.